Lee Pace talks social media

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lee pace social media twitterWe’ve recently found out Lee is considering joining twitter, but according to Click, he’s still wary of it.

“Yea he [James Gunn]and Dave Bautistahave really been on that trying to get me to join. I’ve gone back and forth about it but I still haven’t heard a convincing reason to join it,” Lee told in his newest interview.

He doesn’t like the idea of using it under a different name either, “I guess that’s the point of Twitter and its probably why I’m not on there! [laughs] No I’ve always been curious. I’m fascinated with the technology of it, I love technmology. I’m fascinated with the way millions of people can communicate with millions of other people all at the same time. It is a revolutionary idea, its fascinating to me!”

What reasons would you give to Lee for joining one of the largest social media sites?

Lee and Guardians of the Galaxy cast at Comic-Con International

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On July 20, 2013 Lee attended Comic-Con International at San Diego. He was present at Marvel Studios panel, along some other Guardians of the Galaxy cast members, and gave few interviews on the red carpet.
Bellow, you can watch Lee and Karen Gillam discussing their roles as the villains of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

I also added several photos from the event to the gallery.

Gallery Link:
Appearances > 2013 > Arrivals at Comic-Con International in San Diego – July 20, 2013
Appearances > 2013 > Marvel Studios Panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego – July 20, 2013

Lee Pace: In his realm, you are at his mercy

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As we previously reported, Lee’s been featured in the August issue of Empire (on newsstands now). The 13 pages long article takes us to New Zealand, which is currently full of dwarfs, elves and hobbits. The cast is slowly wrapping though. Peter Jackson yesterday shared on his facebook: “A day after saying goodbye to Gandalf and Tauriel, it was time to farewell Legolas. What a great day it was, with Orlando battling a serious Orc for all 12 hours of shooting – part of the Battle of the 5 Armies for the third Hobbit movie.”
The article also features the first The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug promotional image of Lee Pace as Thranduil, posing with a sword that has been made from a single piece of metal, with the handle carved into it.

Lee Pace in Empire magazine Lee Pace in Empire magazine Lee Pace in Empire magazine Lee Pace in Empire magazine

Jackson tells Empire that “Thranduil has a contempt of his own for what is going on out there.”
“The delightful Lee Pace welcomes Empire into his trailer with a warm smile, high praise for the magazine’s ongoing coverage of The Hobbit and the offer of herbal tea,” Empire shares. Lee told them he sees Legolas’ father as “the same way that a tiger in a jungle is a dangerous thing” and admitted he has taken overnight hikes into the New Zealand wildness to get into an elven headspace. “In his realm, you are at his mercy,” he muses. “There is a simplicity to that. That corrupted forest (Mirkwood) is very much a reflection of who he is.” Talking about his inspirations, has called upon Oberon and The Fisher King.
“We should mention he is 3,000 years old,” Empire reminds us, “something of a mind-bogging concept for Pace.” The actor who plays the Elvenking comments: “He’s incredibly old but incredibly sensitive. It’s like he’s taken too many naps.”
“And yet he has a reputation of being the greatest fighter in the Middle Earth. His threat, thinks Pace, imposes interesting things on this movie. “He doesn’t readily choose to use his force.” The question arises of what will stir him out of his splendid, dragon-like isolation,” the journalist nicely concludes.

As Orlando Bloom says: “The elves always steal the show. In the best way.”

Gallery Link:
Magazine Scans > Empire (August 2013)

Lee: “Acting is a weird job.”

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Lee has been jogging with James on his last day of Golden Age play. They’ve been running across the Central park and discussing his fans, [Golden Age] play and movies. When asked about apparently preferring theatre to film and TV given his continual penchant for the stage, Pace enthusiastically states, “I don’t know – I just like to work!” but he admits that, “There is nothing better than doing a play in New York. It becomes, like, a really interesting chapter in your life,” and described acting as “A weird job – a really weird job.” Lee and James also discussed Mr. Pace’s Lincoln character and his Breakng Dawn part. Lee revealed that many Twihard fans came to see his play and told: “I just appreciate that Twilight really does bring a community of people together.”
James also gave Lee Oprah, Martha Stewart, and Queen Elizabeth II to choose between in Marry, Shag, Throw off a Cliff game. Watch the video bellow to see his answer.

Lee Pace is living in his golden age of acting

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As mentioned yesterday, Lee has been playing bisexual composer Vincent Bellini in Golden Age for over the past month. I’ve added some beautiful photos of the play to our gallery – all of them were taken by Joan Marcus.
There’s also this fantastic interview I want to share with you. It was posted one month ago on Theater Mania. Apart from his Golden Age role, Lee also talks playing New York Congressman Fernando Wood in Lincoln, Garrett in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part Two and Thranduil in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Where would you put your knowledge of opera on a 1-10 scale before you started Golden Age?
Well, I went to Juilliard, so you can’t help but get a little dose of opera when you go to that school. I’d seen a couple of things at the Met. And I had heard Bellini’s Norma. So it’s hard to say — but I guess 2, maybe 3.

Did that lack of expertise make this job harder for you?
I had a good month ahead of rehearsals to just listen to music and work on the research about Bellini. There’s so much fascinating research about this man, and I love doing research. My favorite thing about being an actor is to learn new things. But it wasn’t just about listening to the rest of Bellini’s stuff ; it was also listening to Donizetti’s stuff, Rossini’s stuff, Wagner’s stuff just to kind of get a real sense of what it was that Bellini was trying to do artistically, what musical information he had, and what influence he had on others.

Was exploring the music the most interesting part of the process for you?
One of the most fascinating things about the play to me was Terrence’s point of view on what it takes to make not just art, but to make an event out of an evening of opera. And that’s what Bellini does– the opera is not just the music, it is an event. It is all of the people in the boxes waiting to see the show and it’s the stars who step up on the stage and perform this incredible athletic feat of singing these notes. And it’s about arranging that kind of night and figuring out a way to make that night emotionally poignant and meaningful.

Full interview can be read here.

Stage > Golden Age

Lee Pace and Jim Parsons Talk about Broadway’s The Normal Heart

May 21 • by Gel • 1 Comment »Interviews, The Normal Heart

Jim Parsons and Lee Pace discuss their Drama Desk Award-winning work in the Broadway revival of The Normal Heart.

I’ll have all of Lee’s latest appearance photos uploaded to the gallery soon!

Gordon and the Whale’s Interview with Lee, Max & Michael

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After meeting M & M (Max Winker and Michael Angarano) back at SXSW, I was excited to hear they were in town with a new edition to their delectable duo, actor Lee Pace of their movie CEREMONY. At the top of the Empire State Building, I met with the three lads to catch up on their experience traveling with the film, sporting fake mustaches, British accents, the power of Uma Thurman and future upcoming projects (including the much anticipated TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN).

How has it been since SXSW, traveling the festival circuit and getting ready to release in theatres this weekend?

Max: We’ve had a lot of fun! We’ve been getting to go to really cool cities and talk to people about the movie. Our New York premiere was just last night which was very exciting for us. It seems like people like the movie which is very nice for us to hear.

Michael: So exciting. Like we always say about the movie, it’s a very personal movie and it’s very important. You know, I am very encouraged when people say they like the movie. It feels much more personal and very special. It’s very exciting now that people are going to finally see it.

Lee: I just had a fun time making it. I had fun working with these guys! My memory of the movie is just living in that house together, the cast spent a lot of time together. I just remember messing around and then to see the movie cut together, I’m really proud to be a part of it.

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Keeping Up with Lee Pace

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After winning us over as a hapless pie maker in the critically adored Pushing Daisies, Lee Pace takes on a new kind of role in this month’s Ceremony: the bad guy. Helmed by first-time director Max Winkler, the story follows Sam (played by Michael Angarano), a recent college graduate so head-over-heels in love with Uma Thurman’s Zoe that he crashes her wedding. Pace plays Whit, the documentary filmmaker about to marry Zoe, who may or may not be on to Sam’s plan to steal away his fiancé. As the self-obsessed Whit, Pace still manages to be a charmer even with a whopper of a British accent. We caught up with Pace to talk to him about working with a first-time director and Uma Thurman’s sense of style.

GILLIAN MOHNEY: The movie is set at a weekend wedding, so you basically had to party for about a month—what was that like onset?

LEE PACE: That’s basically what making the movie was—it was just really fun. Every day was fun. It was really good group of people. It was a really enjoyable movie to make. You hope it translates to the screen—sometimes it doesn’t. You can be having a good time and it’s a bad movie.

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Another Lee interview with the New York Post

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Here’s another recent interview Lee did, this time with the New York Post!

Lee Pace’s small and big screen work has been populated by projects that vary in plot, tone and aesthetic but could all be described as having an indie sensibility. Except for “Marmaduke” … but like everyone else (Lee included) I’m going to forget that even exists. Yes, from “Pushing Daisies” to “The Fall,” everything Lee attaches his name to manages to land a few inches off center, yet leaves you with the distinct impression that was its intended target all along

“Ceremony” is the latest notch in Lee’s indie belt which sees him play Whit, a slightly pompous documentary filmmaker whose wedding to Zoe (Uma Thurman) hits a speedbump when her wise-cracking, oddly-talking, crazy in love ex-boyfriend Sam (Michael Angarano, in a star-making performance) shows up uninvited.

But what makes Whit greater than your average groom is just how wholly he welcomes Sam, leading to a series of ingenious situations that make “Ceremony” one of the most surprisingly charming films of the year. I recently sat down with Lee to talk about making this movie, life after “Pushing Daisies” and why a vampiric role in “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” doesn’t actually diverge from his indie sensibility.

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Lee talks to E! Online

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Lee recently spoke to E! Online.

“Kristen hasn’t lost any of that stuff that makes her special,” Lee Pace, who is playing Edward’s vampire BFF Garrett in the Breaking Dawn flicks, tells me. “People say it’s quirky, but I think it is authentic.

“She doesn’t march down these red carpets like a show monster,” the former Pushing Daisies star continued. “You see these girls and they’re all just like, ‘I’m living the fantasy. I’m wearing $10,000 worth of clothes and jewelry.’ Kristen’s just not like that. Kristen is just her.”

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