Lee Pace talks social media

Oct 2 • by Ursa • No CommentsInterviews

lee pace social media twitterWe’ve recently found out Lee is considering joining twitter, but according to Click, he’s still wary of it.

“Yea he [James Gunn]and Dave Bautistahave really been on that trying to get me to join. I’ve gone back and forth about it but I still haven’t heard a convincing reason to join it,” Lee told in his newest interview.

He doesn’t like the idea of using it under a different name either, “I guess that’s the point of Twitter and its probably why I’m not on there! [laughs] No I’ve always been curious. I’m fascinated with the technology of it, I love technmology. I’m fascinated with the way millions of people can communicate with millions of other people all at the same time. It is a revolutionary idea, its fascinating to me!”

What reasons would you give to Lee for joining one of the largest social media sites?

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