Dwarf vs Elf

Dec 10 • by Ursa • No Commentsthe Hobbit

Lee Pace (Thranduil) and Richard Armitage (Thorin) talked the struggle between their characters with Click.

Pace’s view is a good deal more philosophical, at least when he’s not in character. “I look at the refugee populations in the world right now and it’s shocking and moving to see a story about displaced people and this king who is determined to not just save the people but the culture, the heritage. So the scenes I love most are when the dwarves are sitting around the table in Bilbo’s house singing. That’s what that become about. It’s not just the gold. That’s me as an audience member and a big fan of these movies speaking, not the Elven King. Because he’s not the biggest fan of the dwarves! [laughs]”

Full article here.

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