Lee Pace in an upcoming Marvel Studios film?

Aug 30 • by Gel • 3 CommentsLee News

According to Marvel Cinematic Universe, Lee is rumored to have a role in an upcoming Marvel Studios film.

Insider news: Bradley Cooper, Joel Edgerton and Lee Pace have all come up as possible actors to play an upcoming Marvel Studios role.

3 Responses to “Lee Pace in an upcoming Marvel Studios film?”

  1. OMG! I hope he get’s in! That would be soooooo AMAZING!!! He is tied up in between a lot of movies right now though! But he would be an AMAZING superhero and/or villain!!! I love you Lee!!!

  2. I pray for him to get the freaking role! Soooo in love with him!

  3. Omg!! If He was to get a role!!! I would have more of a reason to watch anything Marvel makes in the future and I know they alrdy have Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr and stuff but add Lee… I am going to have such a lady-boner!!! <3 *_* lol

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