Lee listed as one of the ten surefire A-listers by 2015

May 20 • by Gel • 2 CommentsLee News

Videoeta has listed Lee as one of their ten surefire a-listers by 2015. They speak the truth!

Lee is no ordinary face in the crowd for those of us who watched him every week as the Pie Maker in Pushing Daisies. But for most of the world, he is a complete unknown for the time being. That will all change later this year when he shows up in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1. Not only will he pop back up in Part 2 next year, but he also scored a coveted role in another two-part blockbuster The Hobbit. On the strength of those four movies alone, Lee Pace will be a household name by 2015.


2 Responses to “Lee listed as one of the ten surefire A-listers by 2015”

  1. He stole my heart in The Fall. I die for him.

  2. this would be very awesome because some years ago i found and bought a postcard he wrote from the set of soldiers girl as a thankyou to his agent. hes been so unknown back then that it cost nearly nothing – but seems like ill have a major fan item in 2015 wuahaha :3

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