Gordon and the Whale’s Interview with Lee, Max & Michael

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After meeting M & M (Max Winker and Michael Angarano) back at SXSW, I was excited to hear they were in town with a new edition to their delectable duo, actor Lee Pace of their movie CEREMONY. At the top of the Empire State Building, I met with the three lads to catch up on their experience traveling with the film, sporting fake mustaches, British accents, the power of Uma Thurman and future upcoming projects (including the much anticipated TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN).

How has it been since SXSW, traveling the festival circuit and getting ready to release in theatres this weekend?

Max: We’ve had a lot of fun! We’ve been getting to go to really cool cities and talk to people about the movie. Our New York premiere was just last night which was very exciting for us. It seems like people like the movie which is very nice for us to hear.

Michael: So exciting. Like we always say about the movie, it’s a very personal movie and it’s very important. You know, I am very encouraged when people say they like the movie. It feels much more personal and very special. It’s very exciting now that people are going to finally see it.

Lee: I just had a fun time making it. I had fun working with these guys! My memory of the movie is just living in that house together, the cast spent a lot of time together. I just remember messing around and then to see the movie cut together, I’m really proud to be a part of it.

What’s so great about your role, Lee, is that people unfamiliar with your work wouldn’t know that you don’t normally sport a British accent! Did you work with a voice coach?

Lee: I did. I worked with one of my teachers from Julliard, actually! But to be honest, I’m basically just making fun of with my friends.

One of my favorite moments in the film is the dune buggy scene between you (Lee) and Michael.

Lee: Oh yeah, the tide was kind of an unpredicted character in the movie. And on the day that we shot that dune buggy scene…

Max: Wait, you’ve got hair in your beard…

(Max reaches to take it out of Lee’s beard)

Lee: Do I? Was that yours?

This is awkward…

Max: I am not that tall, I can’t get up there! Go on, keep talking about the dune buggy scene…

Lee: So! We get there in the morning and dune buggy doesn’t work. So we kind of parked it out in the middle of the sand. We shot the scene one way where we are all walking around and I walk around the dune buggy and get back in (when you see the movie you’ll know what I’m talking about). And then the dune buggy starts working… but the tide has moved in within six feet of the reed and we just decided to shoot it like that. It ended up working pretty well!

Michael: Was that the first day of us working?

Max: I think that was the first real day of you two working together. It was also the first day that the financiers came to visit the set! And their first image was just coming over the hill to see the dune buggy fully submerged in the water and me… in a suit, trying to push it out with the grips.

I had just made eye contact with an amazing man, who is also the producer, as well as one of the financiers of the movie. I remember thinking to myself “this show may not be going on for too much longer”. But we got the dune buggy to work, we got it out of the ocean and I changed clothes! These guys were fantastic in that scene. It’s one of my favorite scenes.

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