Lee Pace At The Screening Of “Biutiful”

Dec 2 • by Gel • 3 CommentsGallery

Last night, Lee attended a screening of “Biutiful” in New York! Only a few photos so far, but hopefully more will surface. Until then, enjoy these for now!

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3 Responses to “Lee Pace At The Screening Of “Biutiful””

  1. His brilliant performance and his unique good looks in Tarsem’s “The Fall” strikes me with Awe!

    i’ve never really attracted to any, even A-list actors, and The Fall gives such a huge crushable impact to me…thanks to Tarsem Singh for introducing Lee Pace to us.
    My endless respect for this very special actor.

  2. i wish that he’ll put some more meat on his bone and get rid of that ‘grandpa’s facial hair’ someday…he looks healthier and cuter with rounder face.

  3. yeah, when he’s skinny and beardy, he does look A LOT older than his age…he has that cute lips, and that moustache really distracting.
    He is only 31, what scares me that he’ll end up with a grandpa role, as he was a dad to two teenage kids in Marmaduke, and a fiancee to a 40 year-old woman in Ceremony? C’mon!

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