“Possession” DVD Extras Screencaptures

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I’ve finally added some screencaptures of Lee from Possession. So far, it’s only DVD extras, deleted scenes, etc. I’ll have captures from the actual film uploaded over the weekend.

Possession (2009) > DVD Extra: Featurette
Possession (2009) > Deleted & Alternate Scenes: ‘He Isn’t Lying To Us’
Possession (2009) > Deleted & Alternate Scenes: ‘Ryan’s Life Support’
Possession (2009) > Deleted & Alternate Scenes: ‘Alternate Ending’
Possession (2009) > DVD Menus

New “Ceremony” Stills & Poster

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The official Ceremony site has released some new stills from the movie and 2 of them include Lee! Both have been added to the gallery along with the first official film poster as well.

Ceremony (2010) > Production Stills
Ceremony (2010) > Artwork & Posters

And if you visit the site, it lists Ceremony premiere dates. March 4th it’ll premiere On Demand, and April 8th for the theatrical release date!

The Resident Trailer

Jan 7 • by Ali • No CommentsThe Resident

Here is a new trailer for Lee’s film The Resident. Unfortunately it doesn’t feature Lee but this film looks so good!

‘Ceremony’ at Palm Springs Film Festival

Jan 1 • by Gel • No CommentsCeremony

Ceremony has been selected for the Palm Springs International Film Festival!

USA, 2010, 89 Minute Running Time
Topics: Comedy, Coming of Age, Romantic Comedy
Language: English

What to do when the woman of your dreams, Uma Thurman’s Zoe, is about to get married to another guy? According to Sam (a fast-talking and decidedly precocious Michael Angarano), the “solution” is to crash the wedding of said ex-girlfriend, insinuate yourself into the weekend’s festivities, throw a lot of balls in the air, and see where they land…

Debuting director Max Winkler’s irreverent comedy eschews a standard A-to-B-to-C narrative in favor of a series of situations that highlight the comedic talents of Angarano and Thurman. This loose structure also allows for a steady stream of wisecracking dialogue before gradually revealing that maybe Sam and Zoe are not the ideal couple the former thinks they could be. While Thurman is the only veteran in the cast, Ceremony introduces us to a wide-range of up-and-comers: in addition to Angarano, both Lee Pace (A Single Man) and Reece Thompson (Rocket Science) provide eye-opening performances. And Winkler’s adroit handling of scenes ranging from the wacky to the poignant marks him as one to watch as well.

Purchase tickets here.

The Notable Films of 2011: Part Three

Dec 24 • by Gel • No CommentsCeremony

Opens: April 8th 2011
Cast: Michael Angarano, Uma Thurman, Lee Pace, Jake M. Johnson, Rebecca Mader
Director: Max Winkler

Summary: A young man falls hard for an older woman about to be married. The infatuation prompts him to take along his unwitting friend to a beach town in an effort to break up the wedding. Upon arriving, the young men quickly realize just how out of place they are among the stately British groom-to-be and his guests.

Analysis: Another film which premiered in Toronto this year, this indie coming-of-age laugher from first-time filmmaker Max Winkler had solid reviews and was quickly picked up by Magnolia Pictures for distribution. Angarano’s performance as the fast-talking guy infatuated with an older woman is praised, as is Winkler’s assured direction and early pacing. The lack of a cohesive story, underdeveloped supporting characters and little chemistry between the leads however were singled out – three things crucial to any rom-com.

Certainly it’s difficult to sympathise with an arrogant and delusional young man attempting to win the love of the object of his affection by disrupting her wedding. “Pushing Daisies” actor Lee Pace stars as the groom, a documentary filmmaker said to behave like a blend of Jacques Costeau and Steve Irwin, while Jake M. Johnson plays an overly earnest sibling pulled along for the trip. Both are caricatures through and through, yet certainly sound more interesting than anything else going on in the film. What is nice to see though is Thurman getting to play a more mature and classier romantic female lead than she has had the opportunity to play in recent years.


Lee Pace as Superman?

Dec 12 • by Gel • 2 CommentsLee News

Fused Film put together a list of 5 actors they could see play the infamous caped superhero, Superman. They listed Lee as one of their choices! Here’s what they had to say:

Lee Pace – Another mid-westerner, this 31 year old is from Chickasha, Oklahoma. Pace is a classically trained actor spending time in the theater after graduation from Juliard. Pace starred in several off-Broadway plays, including The Credeaux Canvas and The Fourth Sister. He also starred in a production of Craig Lucas’s Small Tragedy. For this role, he was nominated for a Lucille Lortel Award as Outstanding Actor. In 2006, Pace starred in the two-character play Guardians by Peter Morris. This role earned Pace his second nomination for a Lucille Lortel Award as Outstanding Actor.

Pace played Aaron Tyler in the acclaimed but short-lived 2004 television series Wonderfalls, which was co-created by Bryan Fuller. Later, Fuller cast Pace in the lead role of Ned in the series Pushing Daisies, which debuted on ABC in October 2007 and returned for its second, and final season, on October 1, 2008. Pace has also appeared on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in season 3, episode 18 ‘Guilt’. Pace was recently cast in the new HBO pilot The Miraculous Year. What I like most about Pace is his classic Chris Reeves meets George Lazenby look. He would be an interesting choice for Supes but a welcome one for me.


“A Single Man” Screencaptures

Dec 12 • by Gel • No CommentsGallery

Screencaptures of Lee in the 2009 film, A Single Man, have been added to the gallery. Only a few have been posted since his role in the film is pretty much a cameo one.

A Single Man (2009) > Blu-Ray Screencaptures

“Soldier’s Girl” Screencaptures

Dec 8 • by Gel • No CommentsGallery

Screencaptures of Lee in his very first film role as Calpernia Addams in the 2006 film, “Soldier’s Girl” have been added to the gallery along with a few DVD extra screencaps.

Soldier’s Girl (2003) > DVD Captures
Soldier’s Girl (2003) > DVD Extra: Filmographies
Soldier’s Girl (2003) > DVD Extra: Soldier’s Girl Secrets
Soldier’s Girl (2003) > DVD Extra: Lee Pace’s Make Up
Soldier’s Girl (2003) > DVD Extra: Interviews

And just a small note about the screencaptures… although Lee wears prosthetic boobs for the movie, the film still contains some slight nudity.

“The Resident” Heading To DVD And Blu-Ray

Dec 8 • by Gel • No CommentsThe Resident

At least we’ll be getting it sooner…

The Hammer Films horror flick “The Resident” is pretty much going straight-to-DVD. Distributors Image Entertainment have slotted the film with a March 29, 2011 DVD and BluRay release date, and though last month a spring theatrical release was promised, whatever outing it does get to theaters will be purely contractual at this point.

The film was directed by Finnish television director Antti Jokinen making his English language feature debut. In case you’re still interested, the story follows a doctor (Swank) who moves into a Brooklyn loft only to find out her landlord is dangerously obsessed with her. Scary! The movie co-stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Christopher Lee and Lee Pace.


“The Fall” Screencaptures

Dec 7 • by Gel • 3 CommentsGallery

They’ve been in the gallery for awhile now, but I’ve never gotten a chance to post about them on the main site. I’ve added screencaptures of Lee in the amazing film, “The Fall”. Captures from the film as well as the DVD extras are in the gallery for viewing, enjoy!

The Fall (2006) > DVD Screencaptures
The Fall (2006) > Deleted Scene: Lost
The Fall (2006) > DVD Extra: Wanderlust
The Fall (2006) > DVD Extra: Nostalgia
The Fall (2006) > DVD Menu

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