‘Ceremony’ at Palm Springs Film Festival

Jan 1 • by Gel • No CommentsCeremony

Ceremony has been selected for the Palm Springs International Film Festival!

USA, 2010, 89 Minute Running Time
Topics: Comedy, Coming of Age, Romantic Comedy
Language: English

What to do when the woman of your dreams, Uma Thurman’s Zoe, is about to get married to another guy? According to Sam (a fast-talking and decidedly precocious Michael Angarano), the “solution” is to crash the wedding of said ex-girlfriend, insinuate yourself into the weekend’s festivities, throw a lot of balls in the air, and see where they land…

Debuting director Max Winkler’s irreverent comedy eschews a standard A-to-B-to-C narrative in favor of a series of situations that highlight the comedic talents of Angarano and Thurman. This loose structure also allows for a steady stream of wisecracking dialogue before gradually revealing that maybe Sam and Zoe are not the ideal couple the former thinks they could be. While Thurman is the only veteran in the cast, Ceremony introduces us to a wide-range of up-and-comers: in addition to Angarano, both Lee Pace (A Single Man) and Reece Thompson (Rocket Science) provide eye-opening performances. And Winkler’s adroit handling of scenes ranging from the wacky to the poignant marks him as one to watch as well.

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