“Carl, my dog. He’s a pointer- trained to hunt and fearless.” (On who’s his best friend)

“The [Nintendo] Wii, but it’s actually taken a hit since I got Carl. He doesn’t understand or like the Wii.” (On what his guilty pleasure is.)

“I think the most important thing I learned was not something that they really taught… what I came out with was you have to work really hard. You have to hustle. I remember when we were, our last year there, thinking “What do we want to do? Do we want to do theatre, TV or film?” As if that was the question! You have to hustle; it’s a lot of work to get a job. It’s a lot of work. I am grateful for the fact that I was there, because I got in when I was 17 so I was really, really young; When I think of these kids who go through Hollywood when they’re that young… it’s hard to see that their reality doesn’t really exist.” (On when he went to Juilliard.)

“I never get to wear a suit in my life, much less a tuxedo. It’s kind of really fun to get to dress up, because you take yourself a little more seriously if you dress nice in a starched shirt.”

“I find that the best way into things is to open my heart up to it and allow it to be as truthful and honest as I can be, and I can make it. It’s hard to do that; it’s hard to open yourself up to something.”

“I can be very detached and shy. That’s one of the reasons I love L.A. ‘cause it’s so easy to kind of hole yourself up in your house and you don’t have to see anyone. It’s great!”

“You know me and Tarsem had become friends, so he would tell me all about it. An interesting thing that he told me is that when an elephant swims they… er… poop as they swim. It’s actually very difficult to get a shot that doesn’t have big balloons of elephant shit floating towards camera.”

“I don’t know. I think about that a lot actually [laughs]. I think I might build houses, I don’t know, maybe just move to a farm.” (When asked what he’d do if he ever got bored of acting.)

“[As a kid] I looked horrible. I had big ears and funny teeth. I looked like a little monkey. There is this picture of me in swim team, awww, it’s bad. I got swimmer’s ear. I guess I don’t have big ears anymore but I looked like a monkey with my hair always sticking up.”

“You have an appreciation for life when you’re able to give it. And, when you have the power to take it away, you have a real appreciation for how good it is.”

“Oh, it’s nice! It was a nice surprise. I truly wasn’t expecting it. My dog woke me up, because he wakes me up every morning to go on a hike. And then I looked at my messages and saw I had about 20, 30 messages. I remembered that it was Emmy nominations and figured I’d been nominated.” (On what it felt like to be a first-time Emmy nominee.)

“The 30 minutes before they announced my category, I almost had a heart attack. My heart was pounding. The idea of having to get up there and speak for myself was petrifying. Kristin was sitting next to me when it was called. She said it was the funniest look on my face when Alec Baldwin won, because I was just like “woo, thank God that’s the way it turned out.” I don’t think I was ready for the idea of actually winning. But after the award was called, it was a lot of fun.” (On his Emmy’s experience.)

“I was that ‘awkward-didn’t-understand-his body-kind of-uncomfortable teen.'”

“He’s a lot like Marmaduke. He’s a big, naughty dog with a lot of energy. He’s a lot of dog! There is a bond you have with your pets that you don’t have with anything else in the world. You take care of them and they give you unconditional love. I don’t know what it’s about, but it’s true, dog lovers go nuts for their dogs, yeah. I grew up in a house with dogs. We always had dogs. We always had a bunch of dogs, actually. Those stories in the Marmaduke comic strip were stories that actually went on in my house. ” (Talking about his dog, Carl.)