• Lee used to be a Boy Scout when he was a kid and he now collects Boy Scout collectible camping cups.

• Lee’s favorite actor is Daniel Day-Lewis. Lee used to go to the same coffee shop as Daniel in New York City just so he could see him.

• Shortly after his graduation from Julliard, Lee realized he could take care of himself, when he was traveling in India and someone stole his bag with all his possessions. Lee tackled the guy, and was able to get his bag back.

• In high school, Lee attended the senior prom every year, taking a different girl every time.

• Lee enjoys watching Bravo reality shows, and his favorite is The Real Housewives of New York City.

• Lee has a white-haired pointer named Carl who Lee says is the most impressive thing in his life.

• When Lee was a kid, he and his family did a lot of moving around. They lived in Dubai, Tulsa, New Orleans and Houston. Lee says all the moving made him into an actor because he would act like a different kid every place they moved.

• Lee’s family includes his parents, Jim and Charlotte and his siblings, Will and Sally. His father is an engineer in the oil business and his mother is a school teacher. His brother is 11 years younger than him and his sister is one year younger.

• As a teenager, Lee had to give up his passion of swimming because it gave him painful earaches that threatened his ability to hear.

• In his free time, Lee loves riding his bike. He also enjoys sky-diving and traveling all over the world. The next vacation he would like to take is to go surfing in South America.

• If Lee could could bring back anyone to life (as his character can on Pushing Daisies) it would be his grandmother.

• Lee’s father was in the oil business. As a result, several years of Lee’s childhood were spent in Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.

• His after school job in high school was working at Gallup Poll, doing surveys for Citibank. He made so many phone calls during his time there that if given an area code, he’d know what city it belonged to.

• Was a fan of the Television series, “Rome”.

• When asked if he could be any breed of dog, he chose a Great Dane.

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