The Hobbit Fan Event

Nov 4 • by Ursa • No Commentsthe Hobbit

Bellow, you can watch the recorded version of a livestream The Hobbit events could watch yesterday. The celebration was happening at four cities worldwide at the same time – Wellington, Los Angeles, New York and London (that’s where Lee was), and fans could watch the event live on youtube.

Here are some of the highlights if you don’t have an hour to watch the entire video:
• New sneak peek has been released! Click here to watch it.
• Lee and Orlando both showed some nice dance moves. Check them out here.
• Peter Jackson’s production blog video includes some funny scenes with Lee. Watch it here.
ashwin911 was a part of the audience in London and kindly shared a short video recorded in theatre. You should give it a look.

Also, Ed Sheeran’s I See Fire video was shown at the event. The song was written for the closing credits of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. “We have a tradition in our Tolkien films of having a song over the closing credits. It’s very important that the song feels right for the world of the movie – and also carries the emotional resonance of the end of that particular film,” Peter commented. Ed wrote the song right after watching the movie, so he could write from the perspective of the audience. You can pre-order it on iTunes.

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